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Nestled in the heart of Porto, Portugal, Fonte Santa Manor House invites you to experience a world of elegance, tranquility, and breathtaking views. As you step into our historic retreat, let us guide you through the tours we offer to complete your experience in Portugal.

  • Porto Walking Tour: Explore the charming streets of Porto on foot, guided by our knowledgeable experts. Immerse yourself in the city’s rich history, vibrant culture, and architectural wonders. From the iconic Ribeira district to the bustling Mercado do Bolhão, every step reveals hidden gems and captivating stories. Savor local delicacies, witness the Douro River’s meandering beauty, and let the spirit of Porto envelop you.

  • Day Tour in Douro: Embark on a scenic journey through the enchanting Douro Valley. Our day tour takes you along terraced vineyards, where centuries-old grapevines cling to the hillsides. Sip on exquisite port wine at renowned wineries, cruise the river aboard traditional rabelo boats, and marvel at the rugged landscapes. As the sun sets, the Douro whispers tales of resilience and passion—a symphony of nature and human craftsmanship.

  • Day Tour in Aveiro & Coimbra: Venture beyond Porto to discover the coastal beauty of Aveiro and the academic charm of Coimbra. In Aveiro, explore the “Venice of Portugal,” with its colorful moliceiro boats gliding through tranquil canals. Then, Coimbra awaits—a city steeped in academia, crowned by the historic University of Coimbra. Wander cobblestone streets, visit ancient libraries, and feel the echoes of scholars past. A day of contrasts and cultural immersion awaits.

  • Day Tour in Braga & Guimarães: Uncover the medieval heart of northern Portugal. Braga, known as the “Rome of Portugal,” boasts ornate churches, lush gardens, and a vibrant local scene. Visit the iconic Bom Jesus do Monte sanctuary, ascend the Baroque stairway, and breathe in the spiritual aura. Next, Guimarães—the birthplace of Portugal. Its castle, winding alleys, and regal squares transport you to a bygone era. Feel the pulse of history as you traverse these storied cities.

At Fonte Santa Manor House, we believe that every tour is a chapter waiting to be written. Let us be your guides as you weave your own travel tales. Book directly with us for an unforgettable experience! 

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