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Vila Nova de Gaia

The occupation of the territory now known as the City of Vila Nova de Gaia is actually very old.

There are known traces of various Castro occupations, as in the neighbouring city of Porto, and later it was occupied by the Romans, Moors, Suevi, etc., who over many hundreds of years left traces of intense commercial activity here, that the Douro River provided.

The Romans called it “Calle” (or “Galle”), and this place name associated with the place name that designated Porto (“Portus”, which would designate the port of deep and difficult waters), came to give the name of Portugal, and In fact, this is where it all started…

Since the most remote times Gaia and Porto, developed, via their river, an intense commercial activity, that internal, or taking advantage of the sea, there so close, the commercial exchanges with other more distant lands.

José Vellozo da Cruz, "The Patriarch"

José, the patriarch of the Vellozo da Cruz family, was born on May 3, 1770
A staunch liberal, he fought in the French Invasions and in the Siege of Porto, and was promoted to captain of the 4th Company of the Porto Militia Regiment.
He was a councillor on the Gaia City Council from 1834 to 1836.
In consideration for his services to the public cause, the Regency raised him to the rank of Knight of the Order of Christ and decorated him with the Medal No
. 2 of the Campaigns for Freedom.
He died in the parish of Bonfim, Porto, on March 15, 1850.


The 3 remarkable brothers in the emergence of Porto Liberal

Lieutenant - Colonel José Vellozo da Cruz

José Vellozo da Cruz was born on August 9, 1802, in the parish of Santa Marinha, Vila Nova de Gaia.

Lieutenant-Colonel, Commander of the National Guard of Vila Nova de Gaia, General Treasurer of the Customs of the city of Porto, Nobleman of the Chain of Arms, Noble Knight of the Royal House, Officer of the Tower and Sword,


Commander of the Order of Our Lady of the Conception of Vila Viçosa, decorated with the No. 9 medal of the Campaigns for Freedom.

Councillor Joaquim Vellozo da Cruz

Joaquim Vellozo da Cruz was born in the parish of Santa Marinha, Vila Nova de Gaia, on April 15, 1804.

He was a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Coimbra, one of the 7500 braves of Mindelo, Lawyer, Judge of Law of the 2nd Court of the District of Porto, Counselor, Captain of the 2nd Provisional Battalion of the City of Porto, 1st Justice of the Peace of the parish of Santa Marinha, Vila Nova de Gaia, 1st General Administrator of the City of Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia.


General Administrator of the City of Oporto, where he held municipal positions, including Councillor, Mayor of Vila Nova de Gaia, Member of Parliament, President of the General Board of the District of Oporto, of Her Majesty's Council, Commander of the Military Order of Christ.

He died in Porto on February 10, 1877.

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